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Dealing With User Feedback

| Game Development | 2 Comments

Too often do I see game developers, especially new ones, dealing with player feedback in the worst way possible. They either reply to every bad comment in a very bad manner, or they become depressed and take every bad comment…


Reboot Develop 2015 – Our First Conference

| Conferences, Game Development | No Comments

We have just finished – what you would call – a pre-alpha build of our game, Daemonical, and figured it just might be the time to show it off a bit and gather some feedback. That’s why we decided to…


Don’t be Afraid

| Game Development | 2 Comments

Don’t be afraid to learn. Learning is what you will spend the most of your professional life doing if you are in the game industry, or IT in general. If you want to be a game developer, you must embrace…

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